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The PlaNYC Greener Greater Building Laws and Your Compliance

In December 2009, the City of New York amended its charter and administrative code to require the following as part of PlaNYC (the Mayor’s initiative to reduce the City’s carbon emissions by 30% by the year 2030) and the City’s Greener, Greater Buildings legislation.  These are known as Local Law 88 (LL88) LED Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Upgrades and Sub-Metering, Local Law 87 (LL87) Auditing and Retro-Commissioning, and Local Law 84 (LL84) Benchmarking, and Local Law 85 (LL85) NYC Energy Conservation Code. 

Our services are designed for owners of multi-family, commercial or industrial buildings to meet all of the requirements of the PlaNYC Greener, Greater Buildings legislation. Our goal is to make the process cash flow positive, with a combination of energy saving programs and available funding.

Why Choose Green Partners?

The team at Green Partners, led by industry expert George Crawford, has the needed training and depth of experience, with licensed engineers and licensed, certified electricians approved by Con Ed to get the job done. With our experienced LED Lighting Specialists working on your behalf with the Department of Buildings and Con Ed, we are hands-on throughout the entire process of site visits, evaluation, documentation, including the selection, purchase and installation of the cost savings products to achieve full compliance.  We make sure your documentation is properly filed with the city agencies and your building is in full compliance with local laws.

Green Partners has the expertise to bring your building into compliance with local laws from start to finish, with integrity and total transparency.  Green Partners has been approved as a Con Ed Market Partner, a Participating Contractor in the Con Ed Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (MFEEP) as well as the Con Ed Commercial and Industrial Program.  This benefits you as a client as it pre-qualifies us to work with Con Ed on your behalf and to access the rebates for you.

NYC Energy Auditors and Retro-commissioning Agents must be registered architects or licensed professional engineer in New York State with appropriate audit or retro-commissioning qualifications or a Department of Buildings registered energy auditor or retro-commissioning agent with approved training. Green Partners has the needed qualifications and capacity to audit your building and file the Local Law reports to bring your building into Local Law compliance.

Our product recommendations are cost effective by retrofitting instead of replacing existing fixtures where ever possible. Our licensed electricians have extensive experience in the retrofit process. Our LED lighting specialist has access to latest LED products that save you money, such as TerraLUX LED engines and Universal LED Lighting products.. These LED products have long useful lives and come with a 7-10 year warranty – an important factor for a maintenance free installation.

We provide FREE Feasibility Studies with a cost/benefits analysis, rebate funding options and return on your investment calculations.

Our core mission is to put our clients’ best interests first, to ensure full compliance, and to maximize clients’ benefits and advantages under the local laws.


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