Our Process

As soon as you contact Green Partners, we start right away to research your building’s compliance with Local Laws.

1. Contact us via toll free number, email or website inquiry. You will be contacted within one business day. We then set up an initial consultation, at no cost or obligation, to review with you the Local Law compliance requirements , discuss your building and building energy profile, and provide you with an overview of our program, including how we will develop our energy saving recommendations. Our engineers will perform an initial walk-through of your building. In your initial consultation with Green Partners, we will review your obligations and deadlines under Local Law 84 (LL84) Benchmarking, Local Law 87 (LL87) Auditing and Retro-Commissioning, Local Law 88 (LL88) Lighting Upgrades, Sub-Metering, and LED Lighting Retrofits. As indicated above, this initial consultation and walk-through are at no cost to you.

2. Based upon our initial consultation, we develop a proposal to cover the needed scope of work to comply with local laws, which include Local Law 84 (LL84) Benchmarking, Local Law 87 (LL87) Auditing and Retro-Commissioning, Local Law 88 (LL88) Lighting Upgrades and Sub-Metering, and LED Lighting Retrofits. This proposal also identifies potential funding and incentive programs available for your project.

3. Based upon the results of your building’s energy usage analysis, we prepare a benchmarking analysis and a full audit report as needed to meet local law requirements. We also prepare a full report of our energy saving recommendations, including LED Retrofits. This report includes estimated costs for any recommendations as well as the projected energy savings and payback calculations. At this time we also identify additional subsidy programs that may offset the costs of implementing our energy savings recommendations to make your project cash flow positive.

4. The next step would be for us to install FREE* samples of the different LED products included in your proposed retrofit study for approval. Then once the LED products have been selected and approved, we start the application process with Con Ed in connection with their rebate programs. Included in the application process is a Progress of Work document that includes the specifics of the LED products to be installed, the payment schedule and the Con Ed inspection schedule. Following their initial inspection, Con Ed will issue their authorization to proceed.

* Why we install FREE samples.
We install FREE samples for approval to insure that the LED product meets the clients’ desired lighting aesthetic.

5. Following installation, we will jointly inspect the installation to ensure client satisfaction. Then we schedule with Con Ed their final inspection of the LED installation and initiate your rebate check.


What Can Green Partners Do For You?