About Us

George Crawford, Founder & Principal

Green Partners is led by George Crawford, industry expert dedicated to identifying money saving solutions for owners of both commercial and residential properties in New York City. George brings a wealth of practical knowledge from the owner’s perspective. With over 30 years’ hands-on experience and expertise as an Owner’s Agent, Mr. Crawford has worked extensively on energy saving retrofits, as well as the successful repositioning of both commercial and residential properties in New York City. The goal and achievements of his many years of work in the real estate industry have been consistently to drive down building costs while increasing building revenues.

George is the former President of Jeffries Morris, Inc., a recognized real estate asset management firm for both commercial and residential properties, primarily in the NY Metro Area. He has directed capital improvement programs, including office build outs (including one of the first LEED certified build outs in NYC), residential apartment renovations, Local Law 10/11 exterior façade waterproofing, elevator conversions and upgrades, chiller installations, and redesigned retail establishments. Together with FXFowle, he was also involved in the design of one of the first sustainable commercial office towers in New York City.

Mr. Crawford has extensive experience in retrofitting older existing New York City skyscrapers, as well as the redesign and renovation of de-controlled luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan.

From 1995 to 2004, Mr. Crawford was a founding Director and Chairman of the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, extending from West 59th to West 70th Street. He was also a Board member of the 34th Street Partnership from 1993 to 2005.

A graduate of Harvard College, Mr. Crawford served on active duty as an officer on board the USS Saratoga CVA 60. He is also licensed by the State as a real estate broker. He writes monthly articles about Green Buildings for the New York Real Estate Journal.

Angela Marie Franco – Director, Marketing & Client Services

Angela is a seasoned marketing professional specializing in direct and interactive corporate communications, marketing, graphic design, copywriting and branding. For the past six years she has been working in the green buildings arena and with social responsibility initiatives. She is a member of The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Energy Committees. In her spare time she teaches children about healthy foods and respectful behaviors, and is author of a self-help book called “The Table Manners Coach.”

Dan Miner – Director, Business Development

Dan Miner is a longtime environmental and community activist with experience in business and government.

He did community outreach at Sustainable South Bronx for NYSERDA’s Green Jobs Green New York Program, providing free home energy assessments and discounted retrofits, and served as District Manager of Manhattan Community Board 6.

While at Long Island City Partnership, a business services nonprofit in Queens, he promoted solar energy system installations, energy efficiency retrofits, and white roof painting.  Read more about Dan’s Sustainability Initiatives at http://www.beyondoilnyc.org.

Rick Lindemann, Lighting Specialist and Director of Purchasing

Rick Lindemann is a seasoned professional in the lighting industry. His experience ranges from project management in electrical distribution channels and manufacturer’s rep agencies, to focus on energy efficiency consulting and full turnkey lighting projects. Rick understands all facets of LED Lighting projects including design, controls integration, product selection and material sourcing. He provides tailored installation, energy analysis, and walks each client through the rebate process to maximize return on investment. As a project specialist each proposal is highly customized to each client. Rick’s diverse knowledge blends understanding industry standards with current trends in both technology and legislation. Rick’s extensive and versatile background in the commercial lighting market allows him to integrate all aspects of a lighting project strategically for maximum performance and economic efficiency.


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