Local Law 87 Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning

There are only a limited number of independent engineers qualified to perform audits and retro-commissioning as required by Local Law 87. For filings due in 2013, start the process now. Fines for missed deadlines start at $3,000 and go up to $5,000.

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Local Law 84 Benchmarking Updates

The Benchmarking Scores for Commercial Buildings have been published. (CLICK HERE) to download the scores for covered commercial buildings - go to column "K" for the actual score for each building. The scores range from 1 to the 100 percentile, 100 being the best score and 50 the median. If your building scored 75 or better, your building may qualify for Energy Star designation. For buildings that scored at lower levels, see this as a wake up call to start saving on energy costs and better position your building.

Violations and fines have been issued to covered buildings that failed to file by May 1, 2012. See FAQs section for further information on fines and violations.

PlaNYC Local Law 84 Benchmarking Report

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Welcome to Green Partners

Green Partners, LLC is your one-stop energy efficiency consultant. We offer solutions in cost-effective strategies for buildings over 50,000 square feet to help meet the compliance requirements of the New York City Greener, Greater Buildings legislation including Local Law 87 – Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning and Local Law 84 - Benchmarking.

With our in-house team of expert engineers, lawyers, and analysts, we implement:

Local Law 84 - Benchmarking, Energy Star Designation, LEED Certification--and exemptions from requirements of Local Law 87 energy audits

Local Law 87 – Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning

Energy Reduction Feasibility Studies, ASHRAE Levels 1-3 Energy Audits, Retro-Commissioning, Lighting Retrofits, Submetering, and Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures.

Successful navigation of NYSERDA and ConEd funding programs.

We Specialize in:

1. Off Balance Sheet Financing
2. Equipment Loans
3. Insurance Plans that will Guarantee Your Projected Energy Saving Spread

We conduct feasibility studies with fast-tracked access to government subsidies in the form of grants, rebates, tax incentives and financing. Up to 50% of the costs of compliance requirements can be covered through available government or utility subsidies; however, these funds are discretionary and only available for a limited time. We are experts in sourcing available grants and funding and our team consistently tracks all available programs on an ongoing basis. As an added service, we source equipment financing, to fund improvements as well as insurance that will guarantee your energy savings on a year to year basis.

In the News

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